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A Chanukah Feast


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1. O Khanuke, O Khanuke – The Alexandria Kleztet
2. These Chanukah Lights Are A Sign – Lox And Vodka
3. Ocho Kandelikas – Hip Hop Hoodios
4. Get Your Chanukah On – The Velveteens
5. (I Have A Little) Dreydl – The Jew-Bop All-Stars
6. O, Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh (Oh, You Little Candlelights) – Jinny Marsh
7. Al Hanissim/Adir Hu – Miramar Klezmers
8. Banu Choshech L’Gareish (Banish Night) – Robyn Helzner Trio
9. Haneirot Halalu – Klezcentricity
10. Dreidl Time – Marc Glickman & The Gelt-Tones
11. Mi Y’malel, The (Who Can Retell) – Alexandria Kleztet
12. Honky Tonk Hanukkah – Honky Tonk Confidential
13. Fell The Holiday Cheer – Evan Johns & Dr. Louie
14. On Christmas I Got Nothing – Chuck Brodsky
15. Hanuka, Hanuka – Flory Jagoda & Family
16. If You’re A Macabee (Then You’re a Hammer) – Mark Novak A.K.A. MC Macabee
17. Hebrew Blues – Mikhail Horowitz & Gilles Mallkine
18. Rebbe Elimelech – George Winston
19. Chanukah Chag Yafe – The Alexandria Kleztet
20. Ma O’Tzur – Makela

Hungry for Music latest and twenty-first CD release is an eclectic collection of twenty Chanukah songs entitled “A Chanukah Feast.” On “A Chanukah Feast” you will find everything from klezmer to honky tonk to hip hop and more. Traditional songs include “O Khanuke, O Khanuke,” “Dredyl,” and “Mi Y’malel.” Non-traditional songs include Chuck Brodsky’s wry “On Christmas I Got Nothing,” Honky Tonk Confidential’s goofy “Honky Tonk Chanukah”, Mark Novak’s (MC Macabee) clever rap “If You’re a Macabee,” and Mikhail Horowitz’s double entendre-laden “Hebrew Blues”. Click for Review
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