"Providing the gift of music to underserved children with a hunger to play."

Please support Hungry for Music’s Campaign to fund Diamond Cuts!

Free Download With Code
Free Download With Code!
  • David Kitchen – Genuine Phenomenon (Stephen Strasburg song)
  • Chuck Brodsky – Letter to Harry
  • Jud Caswell – The Amazing Gary Mays
  • Ronny Elliott – 24 to 80 (Willie Mays Song)
  • Peter Cooper – Opening Day
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SEPT. 12, 2011

Washington-based Hungry for Music, a nonprofit that donates musical instruments to underserved children, has launched a campaign to raise funds for the 12th installment of its popular “Diamond Cuts” collection of baseball songs. This volume, with a nod to Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra, will be entitled “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over.”

Donate to help fund the Diamond Cuts Project here:

Donate to Diamond Cuts Project

Alternatively, you can mail us a check at:

Hungry For Music
2020 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
No 384
Washington, D.C. 20006

The fundraiser will allow Hungry for Music to replicate and promote its popular “Diamond Cuts” series. One-hundred percent of the proceeds goes toward the purchase of new musical instruments. More than 5,000 instruments have been delivered to children and community groups across the United States and abroad since Hungry for Music was founded in 1994. Some incentives for donating will include downloads of select songs from the upcoming release, including David Kitchen’s “Phenomenon,” an ode to Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg. Incentives increase with the size of the pledge, and will include CDs, tickets to a 2012 George Winston concert, and VIP membership to the Baseball Hall of Fame (which includes tour).

Supporters also can participate by voting on the final song selected (among three songs) for the “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” starting lineup.

Vote For Your Favorite Songs Here
Last year, Hungry for Music donated more than 500 musical instruments, a record. Recipients in 2011 have included the Junior Appalachian Musicians, the Intonation Workshop in Chicago, Roots of Music and Trumpets Not Guns in New Orleans, Bridges Across Borders in Mexico, and public school music programs in Austin, Texas, and Tucson, Ariz. In the Washington area, donations have gone to the Nannie J. Lee Recreation Center in Alexandria, Takoma Park Elementary School, the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project in the District of Columbia, and to scores of individuals.

“We are committed to showing that music is a truly unique force capable of bringing people from diverse backgrounds and cultures together,” said Jeff Campbell, the charity’s founder and director. “By donating something as small as a flute or a trumpet (or a cash donation of any amount), you will be helping us improve lives through the healing power of music.”

Since 1997, almost 300 baseball songs have been released on the “Diamond Cuts” series, described by The New York Times as “a who’s who of baseball songs.” In addition to pianist George Winston, who has composed a song for each release, artists Bruce Springsteen, Garrison Keillor and Paul Simon have contributed, as well as a who’s-who of Washington Area Music Association award winners. “Diamond Cuts” has been featured on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” and Bob Edwards’ XM Radio show. Campbell’s idea was to produce and release CDs to help fund the upstart organization and to create unique music projects that would promote the organization’s mission and outreach and involve various musicians and music communities.

Hungry for Music’s other CDs have themes of Christmas, Chanukkah and angels, as well as artist tributes.

“It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” will feature more than 25 songs celebrating the national pastime. In addition to “Phenomenon,” songs available via download to all Diamond Cuts supporters are “Letter to Harry,” by Chuck Brodsky (another every “Diamond Cuts” artist known for his baseball story songs); “Opening Day,” by Peter Cooper; the Willie Mays song “24 to 80,” by Ronny Elliott; and “The Amazin’ Gary Mays,” by Jud Caswell (lyrics by Erik Balkey) The songs competing via votes for a spot on the new Diamond Cuts CD are “I Married a Cubs Fan,”
by Michael “Supe” Granda; “Mickey Mantle,” by A.J. Gundell (lyrics by Len Handler); and “Play Ball!”, by Annie Wenz, with Bill “Spaceman” Lee.

The sampler will feature some of the highlights from the previous 11 collections and will be distributed to all major and minor league ballparks, as well as select college teams.

Supporters of the Diamond Cuts Project also can keep up to date on Facebook.

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