"Providing the gift of music to underserved children with a hunger to play."


Here are some of the grateful responses to the generous gifts that Hungry for Music donates to those in need.


“There really is no way to put into an e-mail the pure joy we see in Anthony! He was quickly becoming a sullen 13 year-old 8th grader. The boy who had loved school just plain seemed unhappy and more withdrawn. This grandma was very worried.Then you sent the marvelous saxophone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Peoria, IL

“I know I thanked you before, but I can’t thank you enough. David’s violin is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened for him and he is mastering it beautifully. Bless you for all you do! I have spread the word to everyone I know what a wonderful organization you have. It’s good someone recognizes you can be hungry in more than one way! Thanks for being there. You are contributing to many future impresarios I am sure.”

“Zac loves the drums, as does his brother who wants lessons as well. I can not begin to tell you how much I thank you, as that is something I would have never been able to do for him (buy him the drums).” Cleveland, OH

“The bass just arrived!!! Those UPS elves must be working overtime! It and my son are up in his room getting aquainted.” Montgomery, NJ

“This letter was written whilst doing a dance of praise, and thankfulness. Yes!!! It arrived today! I will be sending you the pictures of the “happy” dance asap!!! My son also wants to write you a letter, so look for that too. It must feel good knowing you do such good work, and enrich, and touch the lives you meet. BLESS YOU!!!!THANK YOU!!!” Maryland Heights, MO

“Your organization is just great! Thanks so much! My daughter is soooooo happy! I can’t thank you enough! You are a wonderful,caring organization.” Cheyenne, WY

“God never ever leaves us. I know there is angel’s like you that take care of us. I know that I appreciate you because I will have to remove my self from my desk to clear my face. I am so grateful for what you did for my Savannah. San Antonio, TX


“Tyler said it’s the most awesome guitar he has ever seen. Feel free to share the picture or use them however you would like to show what a blessing the Hungry for Music program is.” – Chaska, Minnesota (see above)

“A wonderful gift you gave us to be able to see a dream/wish realized on my 7-year old’s beatiful face.” – New Orleans, LA

“By donating a violin to this child, Hungry for Music is making a difference in his life.” –Dekalb County Family Services, Decatur, GA

“I humbly appreciate the generosity of this program that helps parents get music for their children. I can’t say thank you enough for providing my children with the gift of music.” –Washington, DC

“Your contribution will truly aid in the growth of our music program.” –Somerville, MA

“I still can not tell you how much I appreciate what you have done in providing the trumpet for the 13 year old that needs it for her school band.” –Richmond, VA

“Many thanks for the donations from Hungry for Music to the GEMS Residential Girls School in Kerala, India. These musical instruments will truly make a difference in the lives of the children.” -Kerala, India

“My 12-year old son has had a whole new world opened up to him thanks to your Hungry for Music program. Thank you so much for doing for my son what I could not afford to do at the time.” — Washington, DC

“I was in need of a violin for a young girl in the inner city who would like nothing more than something to call her own. I know what a sense of pride and accomplishment can do to the self-esteem of a young child having difficult times in this world. Because of the donation from Hungry for Music, I will be able to share the gift of music with this young girl.” — Baltimore, MD


“Hungry for Music sent 14 wonderful, brand new violins! What a generous donation! I am so blown away! The kids at the oprhanage were SO appreciative and excited to have the violins and to be playing them!” — Magdalena, Mexico (see above and also on home page)


“My instructors nearly fell to their knees in gratitude, as we were so short on guitars for this new after-school term, which begins today. They tuned them up and put them in girls’ hands literally right out of the boxes! Thank you SO much.” — Portland, OR

“Words can’t express how much I appreciate your generous donations, and how much I look forward to the new instruments that you have offered to donate.” — Seattle, WA

“The partnership between Hungry for Music and Project Millennium, Inc. has remained invaluable to the vision of our organization. In continuing our focus on the ultimate goal of providing instruments and music lessons to poor and working-class deprived artists, Hungry for Music is our major contributor.” — Baltimore, MD

“Thank you so so so so so much for your donation to my kids. The girls love it. They really needed it to practice It got here at 7:30 and it is now 9:06 and they have not stopped playing. I do not know how to say thank you. I will be sending you a picture of the girls playing it and keep you posted on their music studies. Again, thank you.” — Hialeah, Florida

“Just wanted to let you know that our students are making music with the instruments Hungry for Music donated. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made. I’ll be sending you some photos of the kids. again, THANKS for all you’re doing and all you’ve done for the kids.” — Fairfax, Virginia

“You’ll be glad to know that the violins you so kindly donated to the Fiddles for Tierra Caliente project have been given away. I’ll get my film developed and send you photos and videotape of the donations. We had some little kids hold up signs saying thanks and I think you’ll enjoy seeing those images.” — Paul Anastasio, Tierra Caliente Project Fro Seattle, Washington

“Your gift will make it possible for a young person to experience the accomplishment of playing music. We are forever grateful for your generosity.” — Fred Foss Youth Orchestra, Washington, DC

“When we had first contacted Hungry for Music, we had hoped for a donation of a few small used instruments. What was given to us was far beyond what we had expected. The donation of guitars, drums, bongos, shakers, rhythm sticks and electronic keyboard has made many of the children smile. The instruments have been used in the classroom setting as well as during school functions from Pre-K through Eighth Grade.”– Holy Rosary School, Duryea, Pennsylvania

“The instruments have found a good home. One trumpet went to a 13-year old who is almost homeless and he clings to the horn with all that he has got. The trombone went to the son of the of a New Birth Brass Band member. The other trumpet went to the St. Mark’s Community Center after school jazz program for young teens. The St. Mark’s after school program is very worthwhile and could use trumpets, saxophones, trombones, drums… You name it. It is led by saxophonist Greg Dawson. The kids begin by learning scales and tunes like “Saints” and “Take the A Train.” — New Orleans, LA


Above: students at McDonogh #15 School practicing with HFM-donated instruments.

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